Thursday, May 19, 2005

5 things I dislike

1. War
I don’t like war at all. What do we get from war? Death, destroyed buildings. I wish all the people would stop making war and live in peace.

2. Lies
I hate every person who tells lies. This is a bad habit. Lies destroy trust and everything, and if you find someone telling lies that means you can’t depend on him for anything.

3. High places
I am afraid of high places so much, I sometimes see the nightmare that I am standing on a high building and I am so afraid that suddenly I wake up and thank Allah because it was just a dream.

4. Vegetables
In fact I don’t like vegetables, but the doctors always say you have to eat vegetables every day for good health.

5. Sickness
I don’t like being sick. Being sick makes me in a bad mood and I don’t feel well and have pain in all my body. The worst thing is that you have to stay in bed all day and take medicine. I really hate that.

Nadia Ali
PET preparation

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Mrs Khadija said...

I hate being sick too, and I really hate high places, especially standing near the tops of ladders. I am afraid I will fall.