Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Things to do, places to see: Libya

Facts about Libya:
Libya is in north Africa. It's famous for it's beautiful scenery, the Sahara Desert, mountains, and the sea. Visit anytime, but summer is very hot. The mountains are very beautiful in winter. People speak Arabic, Amazigh and English and many old people speak Italian.

Places to visit and things to do:
- Yefren is a small town. It's south-west of Tripoli. There's a beautiful mountain, the highest mountain. You can also travel up the mountain by car. 
- Tripoli is the capital city of Libya. It's a crowded old city. There's a beautiful castle in the centre of the city and some interesting museums, Martyr's Square and old mosques and churches.
- Misrata is east of Tripoli (200km). It's famous for beaches and many places in Misrata are very interesting, like Tripoli Street.
- The Green Mountains, in the east of Libya are famous and are very beautiful place to have a picnic. There are old cities and many places near the Green Mountains like Shahat's ancient ruins, Tobruk, Darna and Benghazi.

Mawada Mousa
Elementary B

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