Tuesday, April 17, 2012

About Libya

Facts About the Country

Libya is a country on the north coast of Africa. It's got a long beautiful coast about 2,000 km. The people are friendly there. It has it's own language, Arabic, Amazigh, and some people speak other languages (English and Italian), but nearly everyone speaks English. Libya has good places to visit like; mountains, lakes, the sea, the desert and old buildings. The best time to visit is all the time except the summer because it's very hot, but you can visit if you like the sea and the beach.

Places to Visit & Things to Do

  • Tripoli is the capital city of Libya. It's busy and has modern and old buildings. You can go to visit old buildings on the sea called the Medina. There's a beautiful old market, it's a good place for traditional things. You can also go to Martyr's Square and the sea.
  • Sabratha is an old seaside town on the west coast. It's famous for it's ruins from ancient Greek and Roman times. It's a good place to go sightseeing and you can go swimming.
  • Yefren is in the south-west of the country. It's a small town on the Nafusa Mountains. It's a good place for climbing and hiking and you can also go for a picnic because it has nature and high mountains. It has a hotel and you can go to see the traditions of the Amazigh.
  • Misrata is on the east coast of the country. It has a beautiful beach. You can go swimming and you can also visit Tripoli Street and the museum about the Revolution of 17th of February.
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