Monday, April 02, 2012

Car Ban in the City Centre

Everybody complains about traffic jams while we all are involved in producing such a dilemma. The problem starts from every one of us, it is inside our thinking, when we decide to take our cars and move around the city, avoiding the public transport system. Secondly, there is a lack of efficiency on our existing public transport system that makes travel inside the city without using private cars nearly impossible. 

I think to solve these problems we need to change our behaviour so we become adapted to the idea of using public transport everyday. While doing that, legislation controls the transport service, allowing the private sector to invest in in-city transportation. This will allow better service via competition.

The above named measures hopefully will reduce urban jams in the long run, but banning cars from going into the city centre will add nothing but making life more difficult to residents.

Riyad Abuserwil
Upper Intermediate B

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