Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Libya Facts

  • Facts about Libya

Libya is in north Africa and it's famous for the Sahara Desert, mountains, lakes, the Mediterranean Sea and friendly people. It has two languages; Arabic and Amazigh, but also people can speak English and many old people speak Italian.

  • Places to visit and things to do

Tripoli is the capital city of Libya. There are beautiful beaches and there's an old city (the Medina). There are old markets and you can go to Martyr's Square.

Sabratha is an old town west of Tripoli (about km). It's famous for ancient Greek and Roman ruins and beautiful beaches.

Yefren, south-west of Tripoli is a great place for picnics, hiking and there are beautiful views in the Nafusa Mountains.

Khoms is an old town east of Tripoli (120 km) famous for Leptis Magna, Siline and beautiful beaches and there is also a museum. 

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