Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Libya: Fact File

Facts about the country:

Libya is in north Africa. It has a long coast, about 2,000 km. The main language is Arabic but in some areas people speak Amazigh, especially in the Nafusa Mountains. You can visit the desert and mountains and also beaches in Libya. You can visit all the time, but summer is so hot. Tripoli is the capital of Libya.

Places to visit and things to do:

Sabratha - If you want to enjoy beautiful beaches I advise you to go to Sabratha because it has a very wonderful sea. You can also visit ancient Roman and Greek ruins. Sabratha is west of Tripoli, about 80 km. 

The Green Mountains, in the east have beautiful views. You can have a picnic and climb the mountains.

Ghadames, is in the south-west. In Ghadames you can visit the desert and old houses and also listen to traditional music.

Kofra, the the south has beautiful oasis. The biggest one is called Gaberoun. It has such an amazing view, in the deep desert. You can see many palm trees and beautiful lakes and sweet water. I  recommend to visit there. 

Muah Khalfallh
Elementary B

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