Thursday, April 05, 2012

Libya's faithful child

Dear Trader,

On next Monday, the 26th or March, we will open our charity bazaar in Freedom Square in Benghazi in support of Al-Zahraa Charity Organization. The charity will help Syrian and Palestinian children.

As you know in the past months we were suffering at the hands of Algadafi. At that time many countries and charity organizations helped us, and now we in return must support the children in Syria who we watch on video clips and can evaluate the volume of their suffering.

Al-Zahraa Charity was established in 2003, post Iraqi war. It was founded to help Iraqi children. The amount of money wasn't substantial, but it was only the start.

We request that each trader reserve a suite in our bazaar and sell their goods with a discount of 50% off the profit price, the rest will go to charity. The trader won't lose as he will sell at cost and also obtain some kind of advertisement with free reservation in our bazaar. Please don't hesitate to send any query to our email address.

Libya's faithful child,

Abduljalil Aref Abuhajar
Upper Intermediate B

* This letter is just for writing practice, the charity doesn't really exist.

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