Thursday, April 05, 2012

Run For Our Children

On the 10th of April we'll be having a marathon under the name 'Run For Our Children' in support of the charity organization 'Safe Children' for the rehabilitation of children after wars and natural disasters. Hundreds of children are suffering from post-traumatic disorders and many of them suffer with diabetes in our dear country as a result of the war. So, our goal is to get as many people as possible to participate in the race to raise money in order to help the children recover.

The 2 kilometre run will take place along Al-Shut Road beginning at Martyrs Square and ending at Tripoli's harbour.

The tickets to be in the race will cost only 2 dinars each, which will go entirely to the Safe Children organization to help with their cause.

For more information feel free to visit our Facebook page, or contact us at our email address.

The press will be covering the event and spectators are more than welcome to watch and cheer for the participants.

The organizer of the event:

Alaa Samir Abd Al-Samad
Upper Intermediate B

* This letter is just for writing practice, the charity doesn't really exist.

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