Saturday, February 04, 2012

Yefren - my favourite place

My favourite place is Yefren. It's the town where my parents were born and where my grandparents live. It lies on a high mountain and it's a small town. Yefren is a comfortable place. There are great mountains there and it has a good hotel. It's on the edge of a mountain. There is a nice park in the town and there are interesting shops but it has a little market and there are no restaurants but it has some cafes. There is a museum about the revolutionaries of Yefren and the February 17th Revolution. It's a nice, interesting museum.

There aren't any good places to go at night with your family but boys like to go camping out in the nature because it has a very nice feeling. It's a quiet place to visit.

Rema Mousa Abuqasea
Elementary A

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