Saturday, February 04, 2012

Book Review: Shake hands forever - by Ruth Rendell

My own choice of this novel was because of it's cover. The picture on it indicated that this novel is about a murder; these kinds of books are my favourite because I love puzzles and mysteries.

Anyway, when I read the novel I found it telling a story of a detective who investigates the murder case of a woman and through the chapters we start meeting some of the characters such as the victim's husband who was somehow involved in the crime. This novel and all it's details, which lead to a big surprise in the end when you find out that the husband wasn't the killer, his wife wasn't a victim - she was a criminal and the body was that of another woman.

In this novel you discover that the novelist has tried to make a kind of picture, in this picture there is a series of events, apart from one thing - there weren't that many details about the characters; their interactions, feelings and their internal thoughts. But I must admit, Ruth Rendell made this novel a very interesting one, especially the end when exciting moments changed the facts upside down. Because of that the final chapter was my favourite, meanwhile the 7th chapter was not a very good one for me, maybe because it was very short and didn't give enough explanation of the title's meaning and why the novelist chose it.

The story-line was entertaining and all the characters were connected, although I was disappointed by the incongruity of the characters as there wasn't a strong chemistry between each other, apparently the author's style was realistic, rich but without involving humanitarian feelings. So when you reach the end of the novel you'll know that there isn't a perfect murder, also the truth appears sooner or later.

This is a terrific novel, appealing to most, but for someone who admires puzzles, they may want to look for more action and suspense in another novel.

Ahlam Ziat
Upper-Intermediate A

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