Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Corruption is a broad term that can apply to so many behaviours, also corruption can involve people or institutions. Broadly we can say corruption is any act that is against the law, from which some benefit could be harvested. Generally it is government personnel who are usually incriminated in such acts. 

As a matter of fact, many countries are economically and scientifically retarded as a result of the spread of corruption in government sectors. It is the main reason behind the failure of reform projects as it may drain the financial support of any project and leads to it's death.

On a smaller scale, corrupt government personnel usually try to gain benefit from their positions at work to earn money, using twisted methods and bribery. In Libya, for example, nobody can have his business run without facing such problems. On the other hand, the loose hand-grip of the judicial system promotes such corrupt activities and persuades others to commit such crimes.

To fight corruption we should build a strong judicial system and well-equipped monitoring body that will pick any corruption that may rise in government circles.

Riyad Abuserwil
Upper Intermediate A


Mrs Khadija said...

Good work on this Riyad! Be careful to vary the vocabulary so that it isn't repetitive. You can find other words that have the same meaning as corrupt here:

zizon said...

waaaaaaw thanks My beloved teacher, i adore you so much.
thanks for the tip and your careful attention to improve my writing skills.