Saturday, February 04, 2012

Tripoli, a good place to live and visit

My favourite place is Tripoli. It's a nice, beautiful city and it's the city where I was born, and it's in Libya.

Tripoli Medical Centre
There are many nice places in Tripoli. I live in a place called Fkany's Sania. It's behind Tripoli University. There aren't any interesting places near my home except the university, Tripoli Medical Centre, Hadba Hospital and the busy motorway, Alsaria Road.

There are many shops, but they are far from us. There is a school near my home, and there is a square whee the boys play football. There aren't any restaurants, markets or hotels. There aren't any lakes or rivers in Tripoli, but there is the sea and a nice beach. There are two museums in Tripoli but they are far from my home. In Tripoli there are many good places to go at night.

I like my city Tripoli, it's a good place to live and visit.

Mohammed Al Zeiat
Elementary A

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