Monday, February 06, 2012

Book Review: Diamonds are Forever - By Ian Fleming

James Bond, the secret agent of the British Secret Service, the double 'O' licensed to kill agent, well trained, charming, good looking, men want to be him and women want to be with him, is off on another adventure to save the world. This time the diamond industry is at stake.

In this adventure, James takes on a job to stop the diamond smuggling from Africa. This takes him to England and to the United States of America to take down a big mob responsible for diamond smuggling. James did his homework and was tipped off that these diamonds taken from the diamond mines of Africa into this network of smuggling to the place where they can be sold without the control of the diamond corporations. This is an easy task for the world's top agent. He uses his wealth and charm to get the job done.

This is not your typical James Bond story. In this book it shows how the main character spends a lot of time stalking and trying to life the life of a smuggler just to reach to the head of the 'pipeline' as the book calls it. James meets a lot of interesting people along the trip. Some of them he already knew, some are real life crooks, but as we are used to seeing a love interest in every adventure of his, this time the girl is stuck in the middle of everything.

In my opinion, we are past the age that heroes need to win at the end of a story, but James Bond fans would love this story as it has all the action, secret agent work, gun fights and at the end the hero always gets the girl. This is an entertaining, full of action story that needs to be read to complete the series of James Bond.

Wael Aradi
Upper Intermediate A

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