Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Laila and the wolf

One day, when Laila was playing outside her house her mom called 'Laila come and take this cake to your grandmother's house', 'I'm coming mom' said Laila.

Laila went into the house and put on her coat, 'Be careful darling the woods aren't safe and watch out for the wolf. Don't speak to him' said her mother. Laila already had gone on her way between the trees, holding a full basket of her mother's delicious cake. The wolf smelt the cake and came forward to Laila. 

'Where are you going you beautiful girl?' asked the wolf. 'Go away. I won't talk to you, you are a bad wolf' said Laila. 'No, no Laila. I want to help you. It's very dangerous here' said the wolf. 'So where are you going Laila?' asked the wolf. 'I'm going to my grandmother's house to give her this delicious cake' said Laila. 'Mmm, but you have to take this way, it's much shorter' said the wolf. But the wolf lied to her, that was a very long way to her grandmother's house. Laila agreed to take that way. When she had gone the wolf smiled and said 'Haha! I'll arrive at granny's house first. And the wolf got there first and ate the granny and put on her clothes and glasses and laid on her bed.

Laila finally arrived at her grandmother's house, she knocked on the door. 'zcome in my darling' said the wolf, pretending that he is the granny. Laila opened the door. 'Hello granny. How are you?' said Laila. 'I'm OK. Happy to see you. What's in your hands?' asked the wolf. 'Oh it's the cake my mom baked for you' said Laila. 'Thank you . Put it there honey.'

After that Laila sat by the bed and stared at her granny. 'Why are your eyes so big? asked Laila. 'Because I see you by them' said the wolf. 'And why is your nose so big?' asked Laila. 'Because I smell you by it' said the wolf. 'And why are your ears so big? asked Laila. 'Because I hear you by them' said the wolf. 'And why is your mouth so large?' asked Laila. 'Because I eat you with it!' Then the wolf jumped on Laila to eat her but she escaped and ran to her grandfather screaming 'Grandfather! The wolf ate granny and is going to eat me!' 'What? The wolf ate your granny> asked the grandfather. Then he ran into the house and killed the wolf and also saved the granny.

And they lived happily ever after.

Alaa Elmezoki
Jenna Bader
Sohaib Elrghi
Pre-Intermediate A

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