Tuesday, January 03, 2006

About Miss Alea

I don't really know that much about Miss Alea because it has been only three weeks with her in the IELTS preparation course, but I can describe a few things about her.

First of all her looks. The most important thing was strikes me in Miss Alea is a big blue eyes with fair white skin, but at the same time, she needs to decrease a bit of weight. About her personality; it seems to be a mixture feelings, sometimes I feel her like a volcano in standby position to explode in anybody's face and sometimes I feel she has a soft kind heart which wants the best for her pupils in class. She also likes us to be on time, always updated and what good progress on the IELTS course.

At the end , I hope success in the exam will be by the help of God, and with Miss Alea's hand and I hope I will get to know her much more by the end of the course.

Elfarouk Omar Abdulwaris
IELTS Preparation

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Alea said...

I'm Mrs, not Miss - I'm married!