Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Do I Have Free time?

First I want you to know something about me. I'm a housewife, I have four children who I must look after, so I haven't a lot of free time, especially in winter because I'm looking after my family, working in the house and helping my children to study for their lessons. But when I have free time, the first thing that I do is doing my homework which my lovely teacher Alea gives to me.

I like reading also, reading magazines, stories and psycology books. At night I sit and watch TV.
In summer I have more free time so I can do more things, go for walks, go shopping, sometimes go to the beach, I play volleyball with my children and enjoy the breeze at the sea. How I like it! At night, as everday, I sit to watch TV.

The best thing I like to do is eating at restaurants, but only when my husband has free time.


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