Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In my free time

I like doing a lot of things in my free time. I like swimming in the summer, but I don't like going to the beach in Libya. I like swimming at the beach in Tunisia because I feel free there. No one looks at me, but in Libya I have to wear a long sleeve shirt and a skirt and a scarf on my head when I swim.

I also like surfing the net. It's so fun. I like writing in my blog if you want to see it you can open Sometimes I like reading books, but I think watching TV is more interesting. I like watching all kinds of films.

I like picnics in our farm. Sometimes on the third day of Eid we go to the mountains in Alregaat at my mother's friend's house for a picnic. It's so fun. All my mother's friends and their kids go too.

I don't really like sports, but I like playing volleyball. I like playing it at school with my friends. It's more fun than playing it with my sisters and brothers.

My favourite thing that I like doing is listening to music. I like listening to rap music. It's the best music ever.

I really want to go to America and do so many fun things that I like doing in my free time. I hope to go there next summer.

Nora Bader

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