Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Miss Alea

When somebody looks at you for the first time, the first thing that comes to his or her mind is what is the power which let you move from your country to be here in Libya? Then after spending enough time talking and discussing the answer comes quickly. The power is love especially when combined with such a personality like yours.

Miss Alea, you are alert, adventurous and hard-working. Sometimes I feel that you're crazy because you talk too much. However, all these things gives one the impression that you are strong enough to do what you want.

Miss Alea, you certainly look under your age. If I divide your activity it will surely equaled that of four Libyan women.

Please Miss Alea, do not talk too much about the others, and let Abduz in peace.

IELTS preparation


Alea said...

I'm married - so I'm not a Miss - I'm a Mrs

Anonymous said...

Who is Abduz ??? Alea is a first name !! So it should be Mrs. (Hubby's surmame) Do you not agree???

khadija said...

Abduz is poor Mrs Alea's househusband.

Generally in this part of the world teachers go by their first names - so it's Mrs Alea.