Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A person who I admire

I'm going to write about an important person to me. This person is my father, his name is Iprahim. He is 63 years old and works as an executive manager in a well-known company. My father is a tall man with a long face, receding hairline and a few wrinkles. He prefers to wear conservative clothes, which makes him look quite smart.

Iprahim is kindhearted and he is very patient. He struggled along in his life and has suffered a lot to achieve a better standard of living. People idolize him greatly, but I did not understand the cause of this until I grew up. Since his adulthood, he has been an artistic and ambitious man. Despite his difficult circumstances, he decided to finish his studies and when he works , he is creative in an energetic man. This is why he was promoted quickly. My father is given a lot of effort to serve people and I am one of those people who took a benefit from him. He brought me up and taught me many ethics, he taught me the way to be independent and how to struggle to have my rights. This man has been a motive for every step I take. He encourages me when I feel down or fail, and I know that at that time he was suffering more than me.

Certainly, every time when I revise what my father has done for me my tears start to fall down. I hope God helps me to be a source of pride for my father, because I'm very grateful to him.

Eman Ipbrahim
IELTS preparation

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