Saturday, December 24, 2005

Describing Alea

To describe a teacher is a challenging task on the part of student. There are two appearances of every person to describe them with. Firstly, external appearance , which refers to physical looks. Secondly, internal appearance, which deals with behavior and attitude of an individual.

Being a student of teacher Alea, I can describe her as a workaholic and a jolly person. Regarding her relationship with her students, she is tough but easy to deal with inside and outside the classroom, but on a final exam of IELTS . she is a terror according to someone who had undergone this fate. In her family, based on how she speaks about them, she's a faithful wife and full of concern for her husband and the best mother of her children , and the most trustworthy and kindhearted person, full of love respect and understanding and determination.

About her physical appearance, I think in her twenties!! She's very pleasant, with lots of sex appeal to overwhelm Mr. Abduz's heart. Even now, she's holding a beauty of her own. Beauty is in the eye of the holder.

Victoria D. Molon
IELTS Preparation

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