Thursday, November 23, 2006

Visiting Libya: Dos & Don'ts

Libyans are a friendly people, religion is taking an effect in their lives, generally speaking, people wear decent clothes, no shorts or miniskirts in public places.

Positive outlooks are highly valued in Libya, if someone asks, 'How are you?' the correct response is 'Thank God.' and it's also common to say 'Asalam Alikom.', which means 'Peace be upon you.', when you come or leave.

Women don't shake hands with men, it is not a good idea to speak to a woman you don't know if you are a male.

The map of Libya is very important, so bring a map because most of the streets don't have signs or are marked.

When you visit someone in his house or you are invited to a Libyan house, don't forget to bring presents like sweets, chocolates, etc.

Some other dos and don'ts for foreign visitors are:
  • Remove your shoes when you enter Libyan's houses.
  • Don't smoke unless you ask permission.
  • Don't sit behind the taxi driver if you are alone.
  • Don't take pictures of people unless you ask first.
  • Don't enter mosques unless you are a Muslim.

Abdunnabi Mohamed
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Anonymous said...

nice topic like it


Anonymous said...

dont enter the mosque unless ur a muslim ...are u sure about that ? some times non-muslims would like 2 ask and have a look at the mosques before converting to islam