Thursday, November 23, 2006

If You're Visiting Iraq ...

Iraq is a big country where you will see a lot of palm trees. When you go to Iraq you will see a wonderful country especially in Baghdad. There are rivers; the Dejla and Forat (their Arabic names). But unfortunately the situation there now has gone from bad to worse, after the invasion. Now Iraqi people are living in fear. If you are in Iraq now, you should stay in your home to avoid the worse. You shouldn't walk in the streets at night.

You shouldn't speak with strange people because you can't know about what they want, maybe he is a thief or bad person, maybe he's carrying a bomb. Sometimes they are good people, but you need to be careful. In the current situation you shouldn't speak about the political system.

About the rules of my country:

  • In schools there is one style of clothes for the students. If you study in one of Iraq's schools you shouldn't change from the style of the school.
  • You shouldn't drink alcohol. If you are not Muslim you shouldn't enter mosques.
  • You shouldn't smoke in hospitals or any healthy places.
  • You should respect the security men, it's a good idea to stay away from problems.
  • You should stand when you hear the national anthem and repect the flag when it is raised. People will be upset if you don't pay respect during the national anthem.
Hadeel Sadoon
FCE preparation

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