Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hilary's Long Day

Hilary sat down on the sand and wondered why everything had gone wrong. A rather strange and ambiguous sentence maybe, but let's look back to the beginning of the story to know the reason.

"Hilary, wake up!" Hilary's mom called out "The airplane will take off in about two hours." "Oh please mom. Can you call the captain to delay the take off of the plane? I want to sleep!" Hilary said from under the warm covers of her bed. "we are not playing Hilary. I said WAKE UP." Hilary's mom spoke loudly. "OK!" Hilary replied. She went to the bathroom to take a shower "Oh why is there no water?" Hilary said to herself "OK, I'll take it when I arrive in Australia."

So she went downstairs quickly to eat her breakfast but she found that they had nothing to eat in the house. It was empty because they were moving to Australia. "OK. No problem. I'll eat when I arrive in Australia." thought Hilary. She went upstairs to take her suitcase and a little birthday gift she had received from her deceased father. "Where is it?" She looked out the window and found someone running. "A thief!" He had stolen the gift from her which was a beautiful jewel, but there was no time to call the police.

She took her suitcase and went downstairs only to find that her mother had already taken a taxi to the airport and left her a letter asking her to join her there. She went down to the street to search for a taxi but the city was empty and the airplane was about to take off!

Next a lot of things happened. First she stole her neighbour's car but it seemed she could get no where because the traffic was so thick. Next she nearly hit a small kitten with the car! Finally she arrived at the airport. The check in was so difficult because she had forgotten to bring her ID, but after some time they let her pass and board the plane.

At long last the airplane was moving. "Something is wrong with this airplane. It's vibrating!" Hilary exclaimed.

Tk....Tk..... Tuk....... BOOM!

Thirty minutes after take off the airplane crashed. "Where am I?" Hilary asked herself as she woke up. She was sitting down on the sand in front of the sea. "Why had everything gone so wrong?"

Ahmed Aboughrara
FCE Preparation

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Mrs Khadija said...

Wow! This sounds like a nightmare! - you did a very nice job with this piece. It kept me interested all the way to the end. Keep writing!