Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dos & Dont's while visiting Libya

Libya is a big country and has nice weather in general. All people are Muslims and speak Arabic. I can say that Libyan people are peaceful, modest and kind, especially with foreigners.

Most people work at government departments. Some people are interested in agriculture, while others have their own businesses.

Libyan people love their country very much and do not like anyone to make fun of them. Visitors to Libya can realize hospitality and charity.

The national anthem is played everyday at school before lessons, and in other public occasions. When the national anthem is played it's not allowed to make any movement.

Some other don'ts for foreign visitors are:
  • Men shouldn't talk to women.
  • Men shouldn't sit in the back seat of a taxi unless the front one is full.
  • It's not a good idea to withdraw money from a bank by yourself, I mean alone.
  • People will be upset with you if you point at them with your finger, or even make a sign at them.

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