Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Genetically Modified Foods - for IELTS students!

This week the IELTS students at Yethreb School have been given the task of learning about genetically modified foods (GM). Click on the image above to read an excellent article about the subject. It will give you some ideas about how to discuss the subject in class.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Preposition Game

Do you know the prepositions of place? Play this game to find out.
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Monday, May 22, 2006

Word Search

Fun Vocabulary Game!

Play this fun game to see if you know the parts of the face and head.
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Our Blog is the Best!

Our blog has been listed on 'Best of the Web'!

How is the city different from the country?

Well, I think the city is very different from the country. The city is very big, modern, wonderful and there are a lot of people in the city.

The country has farms, animals and factories etc.

The city is more expensive than the country, and the life of the city is very exciting and interesting.

Anyway I love both, the city and the country. But I love the city very much! Especially Pyongyang, a Korean city.

So Un Ha

The late-night visitors

On a dark wet windy night in a small village beside the sea, years ago, I was standing behind my small window looking at the wet empty street, listening to the fast steps, the sounds of someone who was crossing the road. I don't like wet nights and this night I felt that something unusual will happen.

The house was very quiet. My family had gone out for dinner.Suddenly, I heard loud knock on the door. I freaked out. It was about 11 o'clock nobody would come at that time surely. I waited for a minute hoping that the late-night visitor may leave, but instead the knocks became louder and faster. 'I have to open the door!' I said, pretending confidence.

So as I hardly opened the door wondering if my life will change but my black toughts just faded away when I saw a small girl with wet hair. She was shaking like a bird. She pointed out to the street, her eyes were looking for help. I ran out holding her hand. I found a young man laying down, his eyes were closed but he was still breathing very hard. My brain stopped for a moment. I didn't know what to do, but after a few seconds I decided to take him to the clinic so I asked my neighbor to help to get the young man up and we drove him to the nearest clinic.

After he got well and with my frequent visits we became really good friends. I especially liked his small sister and she liked me as well and he told me that I had to visit and meet his family and that maybe something stronger than friendship will happened between us.

I was really surprised. He asked me for promises that we will meet again. All that happened just during this one week.

At the end of the week they had to go back to their city in the West. It was a nice sunny day in the clinic's garden. I was playing with the small girl when he came and I thought that was time to say goodbye. He smiled and gave me a red flower. I kissed his sister and finally as the tears streamed down my cheeks I let her go back to her brother.

Samar Aldebre
FCE Preparation

A memorable event

Dear Ali,

I hope you are OK and everything is going well. Let me tell you about one of the worst experiences that I have ever had. You know that I had to go to Tunisia for urgent business last week. I set off in a bit of a hurry, although it was raining heavily and I was extremely tired. It was about 1 a.m. when there was about 110 km to reach the capital but I felt so sleepy. I should have stopped to have a rest but I carried on. While I was driving at around the hundred 130 kph I fell asleep. I didn't wake up until the car started skidding. I tried to control it but that didn't help.

The car, and of course I was in it, fell in a large hole. I took a few minutes to recall what had happened and now I knew that the car had turned over, but I was OK. I started moving trying to get out of the car but I found lots of difficulties and wasn't able to open any door or window.

It was too dark to see, so I thought that I had gone blind, I screamed and shouted for help but nobody seemed to hear anything. Suddenly and strangely the car started moving even though it had turned over. Next I heard a strong currents of water hitting it. I was completely shocked when I felt some water leaking inside of it. I hadn't recognized that I'd been in a valley. The current got stronger and stronger the car didn't seem to stop.

After about 10 minutes the car hit it big rock which broke the wind screen. Now I was released, not in air, but in water. I left the car and tried swim carefully. The current was so strong though I managed to get to the surface. I had to swim about 30 meters to get to the bank.

Eventually and proudly I succeeded in saving my life though I had had to kiss my car goodbye.

Alamin Gashash
FCE Preparation

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Two of Mohamed's days

On Saturdays I get up in the morning at nine o'clock and have shower, get dressed and have breakfast. Then I leave home. I drive my car to the university to study computer. After that I go home and have lunch at three o'clock.

After lunch I work as a computer designer and Internet, then I leave home at six o'clock I go to the gym to play tennis. I finish at the gym at eight o'clock. I have some fun with my friends, then I go back home. I don't have supper.

On Mondays I get up in the morning at nine o'clock and have shower, get dressed and have breakfast, then I leave home. I drive my car to the university to study computer. Then I go home and have lunch at three o'clock.

After lunch I work as a computer designer. Then I go to Yethreb School and I have some fun with my friends. Then I go back home. I don't have supper.


Larysa's busy day

I want to describe to you my usual day. I get up early, at about eight o'clock and I do morning exercises, clean my teeth and have shower, after that I get dressed.
As a rule I have coffee with milk and porridge for breakfast. After that I do my chores: wash up, clean the flat, iron and do some cooking. At 3:30 I have my dinner. Later, after dinner I like to have a little rest. I watch interesting films, shows and news programs.

At 5:30 I leave my flat and go to work by car. I always start work at six o'clock. I am a nurse. I work in the hemodialysis center. At 12 o'clock I leave work and go home.

First I have shower, after that supper. Before I go to bed I watch television. I go to bed about two o'clock or even later.

Larysa Ishchuk

My day - morning to night

I wake up at seven o'clock and then I have shower, then I go to work. I start work sometimes at nine o'clock to nine thirty in the morning. I finish at two o'clock, two thirty or three o'clock, then I have my lunch.

I get some sleep in the afternoon. Then I wake up again and have another shower. Then I go to study English at Yethreb School from 6:30 until 8:30. After that I go back home to watch TV and eat dinner.

Finally, I go to bed at one o'clock or one thirty. Sometimes I have some nice dreams, sometimes I have a nightmare. Then I wake up again to start over.

Mohideen M.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Heartfelt thanks

It's true I can't live if living is without my students. A big thank you to everybody who came and made the party such a success. Many, many, many thanks for all the lovely flowers, gifts and cards. You all made my 21st one of the best days of my life!


Mrs Alea's annual 21st birthday party

Mrs Alea's annual 21st birthday party at Yethreb School was a smashing success! Alea had a new hairstyle just for the party! Everyone joined in the fun and games. Here's Mohamed Luay getting a dancing lesson from Mrs Alea.

After Mohamed got the idea he was able to help Mrs Alea teach the dance steps to the rest of us.

Special guest Charleen, was lured into teaching Nadia from Mr Sala's elementary class how to do 'The Twist'. Thanks Charleen for being such a good sport!

Soon other students joined in to learn 'the twist' too. Let's do the twist! It's all in the hips!

Is this Micheal Jackson performing to the song 'Beat it!' ?

The girls from Mrs Asma's beginner class can do the Hoola-hoop!

Can you Hoola-hoop?

Susie from the IELTS preparation class is dancing with 'The Lady in Red' I think 'The Lady in Red' is really Hamed her classmate.

Our student Khairi (in the red shirt) with his popular band The African Eagles provided live entertainment for the party. Thanks you were wonderful! An extra thanks for Khairi who helped us clean up after the party.

Salheen from Mrs Khadija's beginner class danced the night away - boy can he dance!!!

Dr Ehab from TMC discoed the night away. Good job his patients weren't watching!

So from B3 is multi-talented. She entertained us on the electric piano and had a nice time playing with the band. You were wonderful So!

Some of the students from Mrs Khadija's elementary class.

Students from the PET preparation class with Mrs Alea.

Some B3 students with Mrs Alea and a huge birthday card!

Of course there was a cake! Happy Birthday Mrs Alea!

The boys doing the Funky Cha Cha!

Alea showed the students at the party how to do the Funky Cha Cha. First she taught the boys and they were pretty good!

The girls doing the Funky Cha Cha

But the boys were awful in comparison with the girls! The girls were great!

Monday, May 08, 2006

My day

  • I get up at half past seven.
  • I wash my face, teeth and I change my clothes.
  • I go to play tennis and sports at my club at eight o'clock.
  • At nine o'clock I go home and I take a shower.
  • At 10 o'clock I have my breakfast; corn flakes with NestlĂ© and coffee.
  • I feed my pets their breakfast and I play with them and I clean the garden.
  • I clean my home and then make lunch.
  • I eat lunch my family at half past two, then I have a cup of tea and I read the book in the garden.
  • I go to the Internet cafe.
  • I go home and I take a shower.
  • I get dressed and I go to take English lessons.
  • I go home and my mother makes the dinner.
  • I eat dinner with my family, then I play backgammon with my father.
  • I read a book and I go to bed at half past 10.

Esraa Mohammed

A busy day

I get up at half past seven. I have a good, hot shower, after that I get dressed. I have quick breakfast. I go to work by car. I start work at eight o'clock. I rest at 12 o'clock. (Ow, Ow, I'm very tired!)

After that I go to work unitl 2 pm. I go to pray in the mosque, then I go home. I have a big lunch. I watch TV, just one hour, then I go to pray. I play cards with my family. I play football with my friends. I go to the mosque and I read a book (the Quran) and pray. I have a small dinner, then I go to pray. Then I go to bed.

Osama Alansari

Seraj's day

I get up at half past seven. I have shower then I get dressed. I have coffee for breakfast.
I leave my flat at half past 8. I go to work by car. I work at GECOL (General Electric Company), I start work at nine o'clock. At three o'clock I have lunch in a small cafe. I leave work at half past two and go home. First I have dinner, then I watch television. I go to bed at two am.

Seraj Eddin

Friday, May 05, 2006

Spelling Games!

Here's a fun game that will help you learn to spell some descriptive adjectives.
Click on the image above or on this link:

More 'Catch the Spelling' games can be found here: