Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Larysa's busy day

I want to describe to you my usual day. I get up early, at about eight o'clock and I do morning exercises, clean my teeth and have shower, after that I get dressed.
As a rule I have coffee with milk and porridge for breakfast. After that I do my chores: wash up, clean the flat, iron and do some cooking. At 3:30 I have my dinner. Later, after dinner I like to have a little rest. I watch interesting films, shows and news programs.

At 5:30 I leave my flat and go to work by car. I always start work at six o'clock. I am a nurse. I work in the hemodialysis center. At 12 o'clock I leave work and go home.

First I have shower, after that supper. Before I go to bed I watch television. I go to bed about two o'clock or even later.

Larysa Ishchuk

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