Monday, May 08, 2006

My day

  • I get up at half past seven.
  • I wash my face, teeth and I change my clothes.
  • I go to play tennis and sports at my club at eight o'clock.
  • At nine o'clock I go home and I take a shower.
  • At 10 o'clock I have my breakfast; corn flakes with NestlĂ© and coffee.
  • I feed my pets their breakfast and I play with them and I clean the garden.
  • I clean my home and then make lunch.
  • I eat lunch my family at half past two, then I have a cup of tea and I read the book in the garden.
  • I go to the Internet cafe.
  • I go home and I take a shower.
  • I get dressed and I go to take English lessons.
  • I go home and my mother makes the dinner.
  • I eat dinner with my family, then I play backgammon with my father.
  • I read a book and I go to bed at half past 10.

Esraa Mohammed

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Anonymous said...

That's good day for you Asra