Friday, May 12, 2006

Mrs Alea's annual 21st birthday party

Mrs Alea's annual 21st birthday party at Yethreb School was a smashing success! Alea had a new hairstyle just for the party! Everyone joined in the fun and games. Here's Mohamed Luay getting a dancing lesson from Mrs Alea.

After Mohamed got the idea he was able to help Mrs Alea teach the dance steps to the rest of us.

Special guest Charleen, was lured into teaching Nadia from Mr Sala's elementary class how to do 'The Twist'. Thanks Charleen for being such a good sport!

Soon other students joined in to learn 'the twist' too. Let's do the twist! It's all in the hips!

Is this Micheal Jackson performing to the song 'Beat it!' ?

The girls from Mrs Asma's beginner class can do the Hoola-hoop!

Can you Hoola-hoop?

Susie from the IELTS preparation class is dancing with 'The Lady in Red' I think 'The Lady in Red' is really Hamed her classmate.

Our student Khairi (in the red shirt) with his popular band The African Eagles provided live entertainment for the party. Thanks you were wonderful! An extra thanks for Khairi who helped us clean up after the party.

Salheen from Mrs Khadija's beginner class danced the night away - boy can he dance!!!

Dr Ehab from TMC discoed the night away. Good job his patients weren't watching!

So from B3 is multi-talented. She entertained us on the electric piano and had a nice time playing with the band. You were wonderful So!

Some of the students from Mrs Khadija's elementary class.

Students from the PET preparation class with Mrs Alea.

Some B3 students with Mrs Alea and a huge birthday card!

Of course there was a cake! Happy Birthday Mrs Alea!


A.Adam said...

ohh that's meee, happy birthday Alea..

Ali said...

Happy birthday Mrs Alea I hope all your life will such a wonderful Funny days,
Thank you for this lovely party
1000000000 years Ensha'a allah

asem said...

Happy birthday Mrs Alea ,i wish you best wishes in all your life .