Thursday, December 07, 2006

A village in the desert of Libya

Where are you from? I'm from the region of Aljofra; Zella Village.

What is your hometown like? It is desert. It's very large and there isn't a lot of houses. There are a lot of wild animals like wolves, wild dogs, foxes and you can see many camels walking freely in the desert. I think that it is very nice.

What are some nice things about your hometown? The nice things are that all the people know each other so you can walk in any time and you feel safe all the time. Most people there are my friends. No busy places exist in my village, it's very quiet. The kinds of food there are delicious; we depend on meat and cereals. And we have very interesting songs and music in my village.

What are negative things in your town? The weather in summer is so hot that you can't go out of the house and in winter it is quite cold. The best season is autumn. The weather is pleasant all the time in autumn.

Can you tell me about some special things about Zella Village? The special thing is that all people in my hometown like foreigners very much and they are used to different people visiting the desert from all over the world.

Hafez Melad
FCE preparation

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