Thursday, December 07, 2006

Alkhoms is my hometown

Hello my name is Niall and I come from the city of Alkhoms in Libya. Do you want to know more about me? I expect you do!

How many people are in my family? Well, there are five of us; my parents, my two brothers and I. Where are we from? Well, originally we came from Alkhoms.

Where is Alkhoms? Well, it's a city in the northwestern part of Libya on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

What qualities does Alkhoms have? Well, Alkhoms has a very good economy due to processing and manufacture of some products. Among some of these products are cement, with two big cement factories, the local people have jobs provided for them. Other products include olives, olive oil, dates and a kind of grass used in the production of paper. it makes high quality paper that is used to make books. Alkhoms also has some of it's ancient Ottoman and Italian buildings left plus a very popular beach in the east of the city.

What are the advantages of living in Alkhoms? Alkhoms is well connected with some major cities on the coast like Tripoli and Benghazi in Libya and Cairo in Egypty. There are also a lot of farms in Alkhoms that grow olives and dates with lots of palm trees.

What is the population of your hometown? The population of Alkhoms is about 230,000 inhabitants.

What are the bad things in your hometown? If you're on a farm there is a risk you might get bitten by a snake or stung by a scorpion and another thing is that you need a car to get to hospitals or shops.

What's the weather like in Alkhoms? It's very hot and dry int he summer and rainy and cold in the winter.

Niall Binmusa
FCE preparation

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