Thursday, December 07, 2006

My home town - Tarhuna

Can you tell me about your hometown?

OK. I will tell you about my hometown. My hometown is Tarhuna, it's southeastward of the capitol city, Tripoli. It's faraway, about a hundred kilometers from the centre of the capital. It's nice, quite a large city.

What is Tarhuna famous for?

Tarhuna City is famous for agriculture, especially for the production of barley, wheat, olive oil and pickled olives, almonds, figs and some other vegetables such as potatoes, onions and also watermelon. Also it is famous for animal production, such as live animals, milk, meat and wool.

Do you have any ideas about tourist attractions in Tarhuna?

In Tarhuna there are a lot of ancient houses, small castles and mansions. They were built long ago from big stones and mud. Also, it has a very famous spring called Ayn Al-Sharshara but it is dry now so I'm very sorry about it because it was once a nice thing in my hometown.

How many people live there?

Ah, you ask me about the population. Believe me, I don't know.

Elmehdi Mohamed
FCE preparation

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