Thursday, December 07, 2006

Do you want to know about where I'm from?

My name is Najib. I am from Libya. Can I give you some information about my country? OK. I think you agree.

Well, as a matter of fact Libya has been occupied by mankind for a long time, I think because of it's important location. It's located in north Africa facing the Mediterranean with a coast stretching about two thousand kilometers long.

Do you want to ask me about myself? Let me see, in fact I don't prefer to give much details about myself, so I think I'm going to make it brief.

I am twenty-nine years old. I am single, male and Muslim like all Libyans. I graduated from the Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Industry, but I'm not working in this field anymore.

In the meantime I am studying English at Yethreb School in Tripoli. Although I have been studying English for several years, I don't seem to do well in it. Anyway, I really don't like to bother you with my problems, adn instead of that let me ask you this question: Do you suggest that I give you an idea about my hometown? Good.

As I mentioned before, you know now that I live in Libya close to the capitol, Tripoli, which is in the northwestern part of the country. I live exactly in an eastern suburb of Tripoli which is called Suk Juma. This town has been my hometown and my grandfathers hometown for more than one hundred and fifty years.

Suk Juma is one of the biggest towns in Tripoli and has a large population. It consists of big families which all know each other and keep good relationships between themselves.

People work in various occupations like; agriculture, teaching, commercial trade and many other jobs.

Do you know what the weather is like in Suk Juma? Alright, I will give you some information about that. Because of it's nearness to the sea, the town during summer doesn't get so hot as in gets in the towns located further inland, but it may get pretty hot on some days. In winter the weather is not very cold, the sun shines nearly everyday. Rain is common but not so heavy.It rarely snows but the temperature may get very low at night.

The town has lots of schools of different categories and there are some hospitals and medical clinics spread throughout the town.

The most famous thing in Suk Juma is the huge popular street market on Fridays. It always gets extremely crowded and good of all kinds are displayed on the streets.

At the end, I hope you have a good background about my hometown, and thank you for your concerns.

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