Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tajoura, near Tripoli

Hello my name is Ramsay and I'm from Tajoura, near Tripoli. Would you like to know more about me? I guess you do.

How many people are in my family? There are six of us; my parents, two brothers and one sisiter and of course me.

My hometown is Tajoura. Would you like to know more about Tajoura? Well, Tajoura is one of the biggest cities in the Tripoli area. The population is about 600,000.

Where about in Tripoli is Tajoura? Tajoura is at the seaside and it's not that far from the city centre. Tajoura is a very calm city. It's not that busy in Tajoura.

What's the weather like in Tajoura? Tajoura is very hot in the summer and cold and rainy in the winter.

What are good things about Tajoura? It's not that far from the town, it's calm because it's not that busy and it's near the sea so you can go fishing and swimming in the summer.

What are the bad things about Tajoura? There are a lot of farms in Tajoura so you might get attacked by a snake and there's no nightlife, but the good thing about Tajoura is that you can grow plants and fruit there.

Tajoura is famous for it's natural beauty, so if you have time I'll advise you to visit Tajoura because it's an interesting city.

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Anonymous said...


can you be more specific about the distance between tripoli and tajoura?


Access the Ladder to English Advancement said...

It's about 20 minutes by car.