Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nice life with my family

I live with my family in a big house. It's three stories tall. The first story is for all, I mean it's the living area for my family. The second floor is for my father and I have the last floor. My house is near my uncle's house. It's not old and not new. We lived in this house for 13 years. I live in a quiet area and it's called Zanath. It's a nice area. All the neighbors are very polite, especially my neighbor on the right.
About my house, it consists of four rooms one of them is a living room and the other are bedrooms and there are two bathrooms, one kitchen and two balconies.

I have some plants but I don't have a garden because I live in the third-floor. My father likes to grow flowers, plants, trees. He has a nice garden.

Now I'm living with my father, mother, my sisters and brother. My family consists of three sisters one of them is married, now she is pregnant and the others are there still single. My brother is nine years old. There is a big difference between me and him, about 17 years. My grandmother also lives with us. She is 87 years old, she's still young. I am looking for a groom for her :) That is my family.

I hope to open my house. I like children. But I am still looking for bride. If you have one please tell me - it will be a favor from you to me, with a lot of thanks in advance! At this time I don't like to live in my house, when I am marry it will be okay. At this time I'm living with my family. I hope to buy something for my house like rugs, carpets, tables, armchairs, and dressing tables for my wife. Some vases for flowers, plain curtains for the windows and many things.

Diya Mohamed El-Arrosi

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