Monday, March 27, 2006

English is my favourite class

My favourite class is English language and I take English classes three times a week at seven o'clock to nine o'clock on Sunday and Wednesday. Mrs Alea from the United Kingdom teaches us on these days and Mrs. Khadija from the United States teaches us on Monday from five o'clock to 6:30. I'm studying with a small group and the students are intelligent.

I like the English course very much because I'm learning more new vocabulary every day, grammar, how to pronounce words, we practice together and the teacher uses modern methods for teaching, such as for example, we answer a lot of exercises on the computer in the computer lab, we listen to CDs, tapes and we also use the Internet to see some of our homework on our schools weblog. All this makes my mind refreshed. As you know for any language - "If you don't use it you will lose it."

Finally I hope to learn English and speak English fluently.

Elmahdi Mohamed

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