Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My home

I live in a house. It's near my work. It's a new house, about three months old and it's very big. There are nine bedrooms and three bathrooms and a kitchen. We have a garden and in spring and summer there are flowers everywhere.

I live with my family, my brothers and sisters, my mother and my father. We are a big family.

I love my house very much. It's very nice and I like it for many reasons: my bedroom, the garden and many things but the best thing it's near my work and it's near the best supermarket in my city.

Walid Omar


walid omar said...

mrs khadija this my home work . my name is walid omar . b2 .
my oldest frind ....
my oldest frind he is name mohamed , from falastnin , but he is born and livw in tripoli
i meet hem in the first school in 1983 .
we student whit ore about 10 years . in 1993 he is left tae school but me no , i dont see hem about 11 years for many reasons .
we meet again in 2004 in sport hall in sidi almasri .
now , he is worked in oil combane , we meet every week .

Mrs Khadija said...

Walid - write it in your notebook and turn it in - you need to work on your handwriting as well as your typing skills. :)