Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I love my home

I live in a house near the university in front of the veterinary medicine college. It's a new big house. It consists of two floors. Downstairs there's a kitchen and bathroom and there are two Arabic sitting rooms and there's a dining room and a living room. Upstairs there are five bedrooms and there's a bathroom and there's a lovely living room. There was a beautiful garden but now there's an Internet cafe.

I live with my family. They're a wonderful family especially my twin sister Abeer. She is an unusual girl, she writes poems.

I love my home for many things. It's a comfortable house and its modern. I love my room very much. I have a lot of things in my room. I have computer and a stereo and I have a lot of CDs and there's a desk with a lot of books and some photographs. There are pictures on the wall. It's a lovely room.


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