Monday, March 27, 2006

My School

My school's location is in Benashur zone near the Al-Mukhtar clinic. It's a very large building, two floors, each floor has many classes. The number of students in each classes is between 12 and 15 students.

There are several English teachers in my school. Mrs. Alea, Mrs. Asma, and Mrs. Cynthia are from the UK, Mrs. Khadija is from the USA, Mrs. Carolina is from Argentina and Mr. Salah's from Libya. Besides them there is an important person who takes care of the students and the system of the school. Yes, it's Thureya the secretary. I call her 'The dynamo of the school'.

I want to talk about my teacher Mrs. Alea. I won't say she's beautiful and funny and she has blue eyes - like Elton John's song 'Blue Eyes' - because she knows that and she knows I love her, but what I really like in Mrs. Alea is that she's very clever and has a strong personality.

In my school there are multinational students from Libya, India, the Ukraine, Korea, Egypt, Sudan, etc.. And I like that because I can make friends from other countries and cultures. I can see their countries through them. I can improve my English language by dealing with them and this is making my communication skills better.

The courses in my school are useful for any levels and these courses can improve your English language. You can get a certificate from the University of Cambridge by doing some exams through my school.

I hope you like my school. Come to visit my school and you will see that by your self.


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