Monday, July 25, 2005

My friend Ruhaifa

My friend's name is Ruhaifa. She is 18 years old. She lives in Tripoli, Libya. She is a generous girl and nice. She has long hair and brown eyes. She is very nice.

Ruhaifa has three sisters (Ruwaida, Rehab and Sara) and she hasn't any brothers. Her father is a supervisor in the oil organization and her mother is a housewife. This is her family. They are very nice and friendly. I like visiting them, and I like when they visit us too.

Ruhaifa is a student in the secondary schol. It's called Ali Syala School. She is with me in the same classroom. We are studying together every year. We are like sisters. I love her very much and she loves me too. She tells me her secrets and I tell her about my secrets too because she is very secretive and I am too. She is my best friend.I feel if she is sad or happy or angry and I know why she is happy or sad. And she feels for me too. I ask God to keep her for me. Really we are like sisters.

'Perhaps you have a brother that your mother didn't give birth to.'

Sarah Farag Abdulrahman
B2 (Elementary)

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