Monday, July 11, 2005

Meet Zeinaldeen

Me and my family.

I'm from Palestine. I'm in Tripoli, in Libya, and I'm 32 years old. I'm married and my wife's name is -- --. She is a housewife. We have one daughter. She is very beautiful. I have two brothers and four sisters. They live in Tripoli too.

Me and my work.

I'm a telecommunications engineer, so I work in a private company. I enjoy my work very much. I like it because I get good experience. I work about nine or 10 hours per day.

Me and my home.

We have a house in Tripoli but my best home is in Palestine. We have a small house there. There are about four roomsand the house is very hot so many times the air-conditioner is working. We have a garden, where we grow mint and flowers.

Me and my free time.

Well, I have very little free time but when I can I like taking my family for a journey. We play, eat, drink and talk for hours. I love my country. I like all kinds of cars, but especially the BMW.

Zeinaldeen M. Abd-alatiff

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Mrs Khadija said...

It is nice that you have two homes in very different places. You work very hard too!