Sunday, July 03, 2005

How I like to spend Friday

I prefer to spend my time in different ways. It depends on many things - my mood, my work, the season, or the weather.

In the summertime if the weather is good, and the sea is calm I like to go to the beach with my friends. We take some food, chairs and umbrellas. There we can swim, play volleyball and become sunburned. But when the weather is windy we like to go to the forest. We have a very delicious chicken or fish barbecue, play football or just talk and enjoy our company.

Also, I like to travel, to see local sites, historical places and the beauty of nature, and of course of as a lot of women, I like to go shopping, and no bad weather can stop me!

But sometimes I like to stay at home and read an interesting book or play computer games, listen to good music and do some needlework or just watch TV.

Tatyana Khoruzha


Mrs. Khadija said...

At the beach I hate getting sunburn - but I like to sit and watch the sea.

In the forest I like to hear the wind as it blows thrugh the trees.

Shopping is one of my favourite things to do!

Khalid Afet said...

The beach is the place where I spend the most wonderful and enjoyable times ,espcially this month where the splendid whether has helped to practice my hobbies in fishing and diving.I think that nothing more beautiful than seeing the view of the colorful marine creatures swimming and hiding in the amazing coral reefs and the astonishing sea flora .