Monday, July 11, 2005

Meet Sarah

Me and my family .

I'm from Gharian in Libya, and I'm 17 years old. I have wonderful parents. I love them very much. They love their children and they think that children are gift from God. My father is a doctor in the sciences College and my mother is a housewife. I have five brothers and I don't have any sisters, but I don't care about it. My oldest brother is married. His wife is very nice. She is like my sister. My brothers names are Husam, and Zeyad, and Alwalid, Sufian and Assem. The Husam's and engineer, he was in Cassino Italy to take his masters, Zeyad is engineer too. He's studying in the United States of America. Alwalid is an engineer, but he stays in Libya. Sufian and is a fourth year student in medical college. The last one is Assem. He is the youngest in my family, usually we see him like a baby, he is 13 years old.

I love my brothers. They are my lifes light, but my parents are my life. I can't live in this world without them. 'Life without parents is like 50 without a five.' After that I want to talk about my parents. My father is a serious man , he is a cultured and perfect father. I say that not because he is my father, but it's a fact. However, my mother is funny and very generous. This is my family. I'm happy that I have them and I ask God every day to keep them for me.

Me and my work.

I'm a student. I'm studying in secondary school. I like going to school and I enjoy studying my subjects. When I meet with my friends. I love them very much, but my best friend is Ruhaifa. My friends and I talk about our secrets together between lessons or during the rest period and laugh about funny things. Sometimes we talk together about something, until we quarrel, but no one allows herself to continue the discussion because she's frightened to loose her friends.

Me and my home.

We have a big house in Tripoli, but my home is in Gharian. I like it very much. We have a wonderful flat there. In our house there are four bedrooms, the bathroom, a living room, kitchen and there is an office for my father. It has a lot of books, and a big room for visitors. We have a garden where we grow a lot of plants. Our garden is like a jungle.

Me and my free time.

Often, I have a lot of free time. In it I read books, use the computer, study the English language, watch films and listen to some Quran.

Sarah Farag Abdulrahman


Mrs Khadija said...

Very nice! You really did a fantastic job writing this Sarah!

Anonymous said...

try to make the your writing more atractive ,humble opinion!

Anonymous said...

You have a lovely family - you are very lucky!


Sweet Sarah, Your topic was interesting. U could have done more better by supporting it with attractive proverbs and avoiding gramatical errors. Any how it was a good attempt. Keep it up.