Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wealth and Poverty

Wealth and poverty are the most argued about words in life. These two words apply to every aspect in our world, and most people are either wealthy or poor. Middle class level could be the best level man could ask for; in this level man can secure the minimum of everything if he chooses.

However, it is not our choice to be born wealthy or poor, on this rich, low populated country or that poor, crowded, low resourced country. Moreover, it’s not in our hands to choose the family that is raising us, and if it is a responsible, educated and loving, or an illiterate abusing one that cant maintain the simplest needs in life.

But again there is the part the countries play through their governments and their duties towards their citizens and the equilibrium between duties and rights.

Nations are not the same and opportunities are not equal. We can see a wealthy country but the level of its human resources is low and others just the opposite. The poles of power in the world are those nations who have and also control the economy of the worlds. These nations are held responsible to take the lead in improving the world’s economy by encouraging the buildup of organizations that are able to reach the far most areas to help and improve the low situations for the poor; whether it is food, medicine, shelter or education. Making friendly gestures to the governments of the poor nations by offering all kinds of help in return for money if not for charity.

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