Saturday, December 22, 2007

Improving Poorer Nations

There are times at which wealthier nations share their wealth among poorer nations in their needs. Although we acknowledge the importance of these matters, one should not neglect the negative impact it has. In my opinion, it is the responsibility of the governments to take care of their people and support them.

Firstly, if the poorer nations depend on the wealthy nations for food and education it may lead them to be submissive always to wealthier nations. People will not have freedom to their own way. Whereas the governments of poorer nations support their citizens themselves even if it may be a little of a burden to them, it would improve the status of that country.

Secondly, there are chances to dispose the unwanted, expired items to the poorer nations from the developed countries. For example, at the time of war or natural disaster, there are helping hands of wealthy nations by providing food, clothes, and medical care and many times it may not be useful for the needy.

However, contradicting to the above said, wealthier nations can give guidance for education with modern facilities. It may give not only a better experience to that country, but also to improve the status of the poorer nation.

Iby Sebastian
IELTS preparation

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