Saturday, December 22, 2007

Should Wealthy Nations Help Poorer Nations?

With both wealthy nations and poorer nations the never ending debate of who is responsible for this problem, it is common that the blame is passed back and forth, rarely the blame is shared between them. But should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth? That is a difficult thing to judge.

The wealthy nations, having a strong economy may be expected to help the less fortunate nations in simple matters of food and clean water to drink but they don’t have to share responsibility for all of the people if they should decide to help out its considered charity or volunteer work. They are only responsible for their own nation and their own needs.

Governments of poorer nations are always trying to spread the blame of their poverty elsewhere. They blame civil wars which are a main issue in most territories, disease and the climate may also be contributing factors but the governments themselves have to act and plan how to overcome these obstacles and take action to help revive their people back to their former glory by creating stability and harmony among their citizens because with stability comes order so they can rise up and no longer need to be given handouts by other more fortunate nations.

On occasions it is difficult to say if sharing the wealth will help the poorer nations. Sometimes they might become dependent on these riches being handed out to them that they will never attempt to form their own educational system nor grow and manufacture their own food. As the proverb says ‘Give a man a fish, he has lunch for a day. Teach a man to fish, he has lunch everyday.’

I do believe that wealthier nations should help the less fortunate but only by letting them help themselves. Teach them how to grow crops instead of just giving them food, show them how to get clean water supplies instead of just sending them trucks of water, and to try opening dialogues with their governments on how to improve their school systems. In my personal opinion is that this way will be much more helpful to poorer nations than just sharing their profits.

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