Saturday, December 22, 2007

Overcoming Poverty

When looking at the world today you will find that 80 percent of the countries are poor countries. They have no natural resources such as oil, gas or other revenues that they can use. The other twenty percent of countries of the world have good natural resources and good revenues that come from industries and export of goods to other countries. Some countries of the world do have natural resources but lack the knowhow, the technical knowledge, to make use of these natural resources and they try to import such experience from the outside in order to help them utilize such resources but not up to the required level they would hope for.

Governments of such poorer nations must spend much efforts in trying to help their people to get at least a reasonable standard of living, maybe by providing opportunities for jobs and education, raising the general standard of living for their people through various means; good administration, putting the right man in the right place, fighting corruption, equality in distributing the wealth and other opportunities between people.

The wealth, I think, do not have to share their wealth with poorer nations in a direct way ie by giving money and food, although wealthy nations can help poorer nations in overcoming their economic, cultural and educational problems by sending missions of experts to those poorer countries to try to help increase the standard of living in many different fields.

I really think and in the same wish the world will get better by establishing an administration with the United Nations that cares for strengthening relationships between wealthy and poorer nations in a way that leads to providing some subsidies given by wealthy nations to the poor all over the world because man is the man wherever he lives and he should have his dividends in the wealth that God made available for mankind everywhere all over the globe.

In conclusion, I think that overcoming poverty of people in poorer countries in the world can be accomplished primarily by the governments of those nations. The help of the wealthy nations may help with presence of good intentions but it comes as a second priority regarding this matter.

Masoud Abdussalam
IELTS preparation

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