Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Gap Between Rich & Poor

Nowadays the gap between wealthy nations and poorer nations is becoming huge and you can hear a voice here and there demanding to work on decreasing that gap by improving life conditions in those poorer countries and to do so there are two main opinions.

The first one say that wealthy nations are required to make more intensive efforts in helping poorer nations by providing some basic aids like food or education either by donating to the NGOs or contributing to the governments. But some experts oppose this way of helping. They say it doesn’t give real help. On the contrary it keeps poorer nations needy and it just creates countries unwilling to be developed and they will just remain poor; leaning on others to help.

The second opinion says that to develop poorer nations conditions have nothing to do with wealthy nations. It is the responsibility of the governments of poorer countries to work on their problems and find out convenient solutions for their poverty. Those who defend this idea say that most of the poor countries have natural resources and the problem is inside and it can be described as a problem of using the available natural resources for income. Furthermore, whatever wealthy nations provide it will not succeed and that it is like rewarding the governments of the poorer countries for their ignorance and abuse of their natural wealth.

If we take a deeper look into the situation we can say that both of the two parties are correct and wrong at the same time. They are wrong because neither the wealthy nation’s help alone nor the governments of the poor nations alone can provide a good solution, but it is right to have both together; the good will that helps and the governments that are willing to take care in a proper way of their citizens.

Onsy Tamadrous
IELTS preparation

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