Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Writing letters

The pre-intermediate /PET preparation students were assigned the task of writing a letter to an editor of a newspaper saying why they wanted to win a competition for a weekend trip to the UK. Here is what some of the students wrote:

Dear Editor,

I would like to enter this competition.

I've been learning English for about seven years because I like learning this language. It helps a lot in life, for example; in work and in communicating with people.

I have visited a lot of countries like England, France, Germany and Italy, and if I win I will take my sister with me.

I want to win the weekend because I want to have fun and I'd like to stay at the hotel because they have got a nice breakfast and dinner and I can visit the famous northern market adn shop bargains.

At last, thank you for giving us a chance to practice our language.

Yours sincerely,
Esra Elsarraj

Dear Editor of the Times Magazine,

I have been learning English for five years, first of all my parents want me to learn English; thinking about my future they wanted me to have a third language. I can speak Arabic and Portuguese. English is an international language and beginning to study younger would help me to be more fluent.

I've visited some countries like Brazil, Italy, Tunisia and Spain with my family but if I win this weekend I'll take my dad with me.

I really want to win this weekend because I want to practise English in it's mother land.


Dear Editor,

I have been learning English for over six months and my language is better than before.

I am learning English to get a better job and improve my language, your organising a competition is helping me to learn English in a specific way, especially if I win I would like to visit other countries especially in Europe and take a friend with me for fun.

I hope to win the competition to visit Liverpool and make conversation with people who speak English very well.

Your faithfully,

Isam Ben Shaban

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