Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dream Holiday

If I was given the freedom to choose a place to spend my holiday in, I'll choose Hawaii. Please don't ask me why, because I'm very shy.

Actually, I've seen many pictures and documentary programmes about Hawaii where the sky is clear and the mountains are high.

The Hawaiian islands are a chain of volcanic islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and are part of the United States of America where it's the fiftieth state, that was the geographical definition, but in fact the real definition is paradise and it's not an exaggerated word. So can you imagine it's extended white beaches, the clear sea water and the wonderful palm trees? Imagine yourself there sleeping on a sunbed, drinking a cocktail of juices and relaxing. And there are beautiful girls like angels in your service.

At night you go to the hotel where there's a party and local dancers dance, with unique moves, wearing clothes covered with flowers. When dawn comes you go up to the mountain tops to observe the sun rising from the sea, it's a nice view and more beautiful than the sunset, I think.

It's like paradise, isn't it?

Mohammed Krefa
Preparation for FCE

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