Friday, September 01, 2006

My Dream House

My dream house would be a big mansion. Inside this mansion I would like to have a big living room that includes a massive plasma TV.

I would also like to have a kitchen with a big table to eat on and a bathroom with a big jacuzzi.

Of course my dream house would include a wife that I love and live for. So I would like to have a big bedroom with a small bathroom. I'd also like to have children in my dream house; everyone with their own room.

I'd like to have a big garden with loads of trees, flowers and green grass. A garage with two cars; one for me and the other for my wife. I'd also like to have a guest room and a dining room.

Finally, I would like to add something that my family would enjoy. A fun room with a pool table, a tennis table and three or four computers.

And to sum up, I'd like to say that my dream house wouldn't be complate without my dad and mum and the whole family, so they can visit us anytime.

Well, I hope I didn't get carried away, and maybe in the future you could visit.

Ahmed Ahtash
FCE preparation

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